Do you hate Fondant??

When offering fondant to our clients we are so use to hearing "Aghhhh I HATE FONDANT". Clients usually say it's thick and tastes like rubber. Most people love the look and versatility of fondant but have had a bad past experience that latterly left a bad taste in their mouth. :) 

Here at Sweet Cake Fetish, want to tell you that not all fondants are created equal. We do not purchase processed fondant that we scoop out of containers. Our delicious fondant is homemade. We use just THREE quality ingredients and make a fresh batch for each cake. Our marshmallow fondant is made out of yummy marshmallows, sugar and vanilla! That's it!! We also roll our fondant as thin as possible, about 1/8 of an inch thick! 

So don't fear fondant, especially not ours! Our cakes taste just as good as they look!