Habits of a Baker who loves Halloween!

Ahhhh the long awaited and beloved Halloween. A time we get to let our inner child out, dress up in fun costumes and be a kid for a day (well at least I do :)).  I mean, what is there not to love??? The candy, the costumes, the parties and those adorable children wearing their creative costumes that come knocking on your door Trick or Treating! 

One of my all time favorite movies is Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I absolutely love the story line! This movie is a must watch for me every October.. :) (Annnddd Maybe December too!)

The Nightmare Before Christmas

So needless to say when I was asked to make a "Nightmare Before Christmas" Wedding Cake I was over the moon!  I truly had a genuinely good time working with the bride on this design. She was very easy going the complete opposite of a Bridezilla!  Her main thing was a fun wedding and fun and beautiful cake. She was open to all suggestions and was very easy going.

I was most delighted that when I delivered the cake her whole family was awed and most importantly the lovely couple was ecstatic! Seeing their approval and happiness definatly is the reason we keep going! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake

As you can well see...This is our first blog! Please leave a  comment below with any and ALL suggestions on what you would like to see in our blog! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! 

Have a Happy Halloween!