From vanilla bean cake with chunky chocolate butter cream to our amazing carrot cake made with freshly ground carrots, Sweet Cake Fetish has exactly what you're looking for and so much more. Choose from a wide variety of flavors, fillings, and frosting.


Vanilla Bean Buttercream-The most versatile buttercream of all..pairs with so many cake flavors. Not to mention made with the best ingredients EVER!!

Chocolate Buttercream-This buttercream has real chocolate melted in it. Melts in your mouth. Another version of this chocolate buttercream is the Chunky Chocolate version.

Chocolate Fudge-Smooth and fudgy goodness. Made with the best chocolate around. 

Chocolate Mouse-Light and fluffy whipped to perfection. 

Vanilla custard-So creamy and delicious. This custard is great with fresh strawberries and bananas!

Strawberry Jam-Home made with fresh strawberries a real natural treat.

Pineapple Filling-This filling is not your average pineapple filling. Its creamy, its chunky just plain old good!

Raspberry Jam -Fresh raspberry and completely home made. 

Coconut Cream-My personal favorite, its a whipped and fluffy coconut cream with real coconut flakes mixed it. 

Chocolate Ganache-The richest of the chocolate fillings. Velvety and creamy. Its a chocoholic's dream come true.

Cream Cheese Frosting-A perfect match for the famous Southern classic, the Red Velvet Cake, but it is also delicious with many other cake flavors. 

Dulce De Leche Cream Cheese-A Latin favorite, still creamy and fluffy but with a sweet twist and scrumptious caramel flavor. 

Special requests are are also welcomed! 

Fresh fruits are available for additional  charges depending on the season. 


Vanilla Bean Cake-Fluffy moist vanilla cake...melts in your mouth. A Kid Favorite! This cake pairs with almost any frosting especially the OMG chunky chocolate buttercream.

Butter Cake-Or as I like to call it Better Butter Cake, rich and dense but still unbelievably moist and delicious.

French Vanilla Cake-A deeper vanilla taste. This is a crowd favorite. 

Chocolate Fudge Cake -Do I need to say more...yummmm... made with the best Dutch Cocoa. 

Marble Cake -Best of both worlds. Vanilla bean cake with chocolate fudge..a marriage made in heaven.

Carrot Cake-Whats up doc?? Bugs Bunny himself would give this one a thumbs up. Freshly ground carrots and cinnamon adorn this moist cake. 

Red Velvet -A classic southern favorite. Delectable and scrumptious. Our famous deep red velvet cake usually served with fluffy cream cheese frosting or white chocolate cream cheese frosting. 

White Velvet -The popular cousin of the famous red velvet except its white, light and keeps you craving for another bite. This divine cake is our best seller, its the best of the vanilla cake family. 

Strawberry- Real strawberries mixed into the batter makes this strawberry cake one of a kind. Pairs well with vanilla bean buttercream or fluffy cream cheese frosting. 

Coconut-Coconut cake brings a smile to my face. Smooth and rich in every bite. Made with real coconut flakes and coconut milk.

Rich Pink Velvet- A girls dream come true...PINK cake that's a treat for the mouth and is oh so pretty. 

Chocolate Chip Cake -Moist Vanilla cake with a generous amount of chocolate chips baked in it. A real treat and a crowd pleaser. This cake pairs well with the vanilla bean buttercream.