Do you hate Fondant??

When offering fondant to our clients we are so use to hearing "Aghhhh I HATE FONDANT". Clients usually say it's thick and tastes like rubber. Most people love the look and versatility of fondant but have had a bad past experience that latterly left a bad taste in their mouth. :) 

Here at Sweet Cake Fetish, want to tell you that not all fondants are created equal. We do not purchase processed fondant that we scoop out of containers. Our delicious fondant is homemade. We use just THREE quality ingredients and make a fresh batch for each cake. Our marshmallow fondant is made out of yummy marshmallows, sugar and vanilla! That's it!! We also roll our fondant as thin as possible, about 1/8 of an inch thick! 

So don't fear fondant, especially not ours! Our cakes taste just as good as they look! 

Secrets to planning the perfect birthday party

The Perfect Birthday Party

While there isn't just one type of " a perfect party" because we are all different with different  styles. There is definitely a method to try to make your next party an ultimate success! 

For starters, and the most important factor, is PLAN IN TIME. Last minute planning is always stressful and you don't want to be THAT person, trust me I know! :) 

DON'T over plan!! I mean, I get it details are great but the process has to be enjoyable too. I know some people love all the extra goodie bags and favors and it just can get out of hand quickly.  I've had parties where I completely over booked myself to the point of not being able to be with my guests. Learned this point the hard way. 

Here is a perfect guide I found on that has an easy to follow party planning guide: 

Do your research, basically shop around, once again don't become obsessed :) . Like I always say quality over quantity! Oh and don't forget to order your cake from us! Just kidding...(maybe) :0

Have a sweet day!